AK pistol conversion to SBR – hell of a bargain

Saw the new AK ‘pistol’ from IO Inc. the other day, and I’m seriously thinking about registering it as a SBR, and then adding a folding buttstock to it when I get the tax stamp back.  Should be a lot cheaper than buying one of the Arsenal SBR’s that cost about $1800 (not including the $200 NFA tax stamp), though those are pretty sweet.

The math:

IO Hellpup –                                  $395

NFA tax stamp –                            $200

Ace side-folding buttstock for AK – $165

Total –                                          $760or about $1240 less than the Arsenal SBR.

Once again, that appeals to my ‘inner Julius’ (translation – cheap bastard).

IO – “Hellpup”

Here’s a pic of the ACE side-folding stock for the AK platform: