Ruger Scout Rifle

Saw some news about a new scout rifle from Ruger earlier this week.  Kinda cool.  Very similar to my Ruger Frontier in 308 Winchester except with what appears to be a heavier profile barrel with removable flash hider, iron sights, 1913 rails on top, adjustable length-of-pull, and a removable 10-round box magazine.

Nice looking.  Kinda looks like a bolt-action version of the M14/M1A.

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

My Ruger Frontier in .308

Quite honesty, outside of the forward mounted scope and modern materials, it’s all a little retro, kind of like the old Lee-Enfield “Jungle” carbines from the WW2 era.

Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine (Source:


  1. I like the removable 10-round box magazine… nothing wrong with more capacity over the standard 4-round internal box magazine.  Changing a magazine is always a lot faster/easier than manually jamming rounds into the receiver from the top… even if you had the option of stripper clips… especially in the dark.  Not that I’m advocating the use of the Ruger Scout as a primary defensive rifle, but if that’s all you have…
  2. The flash hider is removable, so you can thread on compensators or suppressors (aka silencers, if you live in a free state).
  3. Adjustable length of pull, up to 1.5 inches.  The LOP on my Ruger Frontier is only about 12.5 inches… over 1 inch too short to be really comfortable, or for proper eye relief on my cheapo Nikon scope.  I never went through the effort of making spacers for my Frontier stock… I wonder if the spacers on the Ruger Scout would fit the Frontier stock without too much work?
  4. XS rail is said to be available soon.  So if you’re really into 1913 rails by the linear foot on top of your blaster, you’re in luck.  Basically, it allows you to add a continuous section of rail over the receiver, and for a rear-mounted scope, allows for much better positioning for proper eye relief, as seen below.


  1. Additional magazines are waaay expensive at around $70 each. The magazine is a single-stack Accuracy International magazine.  And I used to think that Springfield M1A magazines were expensive at $35 each?
  2. It’s priced at $995 MSRP.  So I’m guessing that maybe I’ll be able to find one for a street price of about $850.  That’s quite a bit more than the $650 I paid for my Frontier, and I am a cheap bastard.  But still, she tempts me

Videos from Downrange TV:

One thought on “Ruger Scout Rifle

  1. 308,box mag,light.relibility of ruger,affordable,m1a-m14-in a bolt style and short-light weight,,,what else could you ask for!!!!!!!!!,can;t wait to own one and shoot it a lot,,THANK YOU ALL

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